Blockdata is a market intelligence platform for blockchain and other distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The company was founded in early 2018 by several friends with a shared frustration: there simply wasn’t a good way to find information about blockchain projects. Bankers have Bloomberg and venture capitalists have Crunchbase, but blockchain professionals had nothing beyond what they could find from Google searches.

The team set about building a dataset from scratch, one that now includes over 1200 projects, 5400 companies, 1600 products, and 600 tokens. On top of this dataset, we’ve built tools and filters to help you track projects you care about, and identify those that you haven’t heard of yet (but should have).

Our clients are the companies following the space closely. They use Blockdata to discover interesting projects, see what their competitors are doing, who is investing in the space, and what partnerships are forming.

As we edge our way towards mass blockchain adoption, we are positioning Blockdata as a way to understand this transformational technology by demonstrating what use cases people are tackling with it. Join us in our vision of building a trust-enabled world through technology.